Spring Time in the Nature Reserve

Spring Time in the Nature Reserve

Despite the arctic blasts the spring awakening is well underway in the nature reserve and the orchard is breaking out in its annual blossom, have a wander down and enjoy this beautiful spectacle.

Those northerly winds are probably holding up the migratory swifts we are hoping will take up residence in the new boxes at the village hall – listen out for our decoy call and look out for the swifts! Other birds are already busy nesting, so please keep your dogs on a lead when going through the reserve, to protect ground nests.

The paths have dried out again around the ponds after the winter quagmire, but this year thanks to funding from the Tyne and Wear Community Foundation we will be building an all-weather path around the reserve which will allow access for wheelchair users, buggies and anyone who doesn’t want to leave a welly stuck in the mud! All we need is your help to lay our recycled green honeycomb path and build a new bridge. Watch out for more details about this exiting volunteer project.

Clara Charcoal! As part of the funding package we will also be getting a mini charcoal burner for the reserve, along with some expert tuition on its use from local green wood crafts guru Morris Pyle. So along with helping us manage the reserve better we could also be providing some fuel for the new bread oven/barbeque at the village hall.

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