The Nature Reserve remains open but in the light of Government advice aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus we are recommending that the hides are not used. It will, of course, be up to each individual to make their own decision. The hides are small, so keeping 2 metres apart will be difficult. There is a lot of uncertainty about how the virus behaves but it is possible that its can remain infectious on the wooden shelves for a number of hours. 
There’s still lots to see in the rest of the Reserve. Chiffchaffs, our first spring migrants, have arrived, most likely from sub-Saharan Africa. Willow warblers and Blackcaps will be here in the next few weeks. Winter-visiting Redwings can still be seen but they’ll be leaving soon. So take a break from the depressing news and enjoy a walk in our Reserve.

Singing Chiffchaff

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