Trees and Flora



There are variety of types and ages of trees in the Reserve.  The oldest include Sycamores, one or two of which we estimate to be around 150 years of age.  As the pit site grew, more trees were planted along the railway line to screen the industrial development from the valley. So you will also find Ash, Silver Birch, White Poplar and Norway Maple, along with young Oak and a few Spruce.

For the most part, we leave the trees to themselves, undertaking coppicing from time to time to thin out low-level growth and promote habitats for small mammals and birds.


Back in 1993 a survey was carried out and at that time over 200 plant species were identified in the Reserve, from the smallest mosses, through grasses, wild flowers and weeds, to larger shrub-style specimens.

More detail will be added about the trees and flora of Clara Vale soon.