Moth Collection Success

Thanks to Brian Pollinger and Gordon Pollinger the event was successful, with a great turnout to the event. The 125mv lamp was used to lure the moths into the trap, to be examined the next morning and released again (no moths were harmed!)

The thriving moth population in Clara Vale is shown with a total of 91 moths being collected overnight, with in these results were a range of 43 species. This is a great result for our community, as the growth in moth population and the species within shows a growing diversity in Clara Vale, which will hopefully continue to grow in the future.

Some images of the moth trapping results are below, as well as the table of results. Desrciption of the moths in the photographs are below:

1+4.Poplar Hawk Moth

2.’Woody’ the moth who has adapted itself over time to survive by disguising into woody environments, such as the nature reserve

3. Peppered moth, which has also adapted throughout time to disguise into the cloudy environment (eg- it darked through the industrial period, but is now adapting back to being more cream)



Picnic Day Round-up

We thought you might like to see a gallery of photos from our wonderful Family Picnic Day, held in July, along with some of the feedback received and even some poetry too!

Photos – just click on any to enlarge and scroll through them….

Feedback – Here are some of the wonderful comments we received about the Nature Reserve in our Visitors’ Book on the day:

‘It feels like such a magical place…’

‘… one of the best things about living in Clara Vale.’

‘We liked the moths, the pond life and the scything.’

‘A lovely, tranquil place…’

‘Really enjoyed the moths, guided flower walk and lovely atmosphere!’

‘What a wonderful family-friendly day.’

Thanks to everyone who contributed, we loved receiving your feedback!

And finally… here are some reflections on the picnic day in the nature reserve by Hannah aged 7:

Sun, fun enjoyable days are beautiful

And green and wet and gleaming,

Clear pond ripples in the lovely atmosphere,

Being able to have an enjoyable chat, meet up with friends,

Music plays from my favourite films,

While the nature obviously absorbs interest thanks to strange plants and

magnificent moths and beauty

Admiring pond weed

Nettles tower over the transparent stream

Bunting hangs over the wooden bridge

Tiger moths on display are a real hit!

Stoats may be shy but when no humans explore, stoats are sure to roam the

clearing, birch trees stand straight and tall.

Thanks again to everyone who came along and made all the efforts of the Conservation Group worthwhile.