Brash Burning Bonfire

CVCG members and local villagers turned out for our burn-off of cuttings and coppicing, left over from task days during the last year or so in the Reserve.

Some piles of cuttings were retained as habitat for small birds and other wildlife. The fire site was carefully chosen and burning area closely controlled.

Tea and cakes were on hand and a good natter was had by all.  A successful first community event of the year!


2 thoughts on “Brash Burning Bonfire

  1. I lived in Clara Vale in the mid 1950’s as a child with my siblings and parents (Syd and Grace Walker). My father worked in the pit. We lived in Stannar House (please note that is how we always knew it as, StannAR and not StannER). I have a photograph of Stannar House if you would like to add it to your website? We moved out in 1964 shortly before it was demolished. It was a fantastic big old house. At the start of it’s life it was one large farmhouse but overtime it was turned into two semi detached houses – each house was very large. We were lucky to have the barns at our side and as children we loved to play in them. We used to hang onto the mesh fence waving to the trains as they went past. I still have dreams about Stannar House. I often go back to have a look around Clara Vale but always hang around where Stannar House used to be. I have very many happy memories of there.

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    • Hi Helen, sorry for the late reply and thank you for sharing your wonderful story. We would be delighted to have a copy of your photo of Stannar House – we have a number of archived photos of the village, its people and the mine but not one of this property. Chris Gage, CVCG Secretary.


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