A Great Family Picnic Success!

The sun shone, the wind was gentle and most importantly, adults and children came along with their picnics!  As more people arrived, the Reserve took on a fete-like atmosphere and all of the activities we put on were of interest to visitors.

The art area was very popular with the children, as was kitemaking and facepainting. We had baby newts in water trays and a huge haul of moths, over 60 species, trapped the night before and released after viewing and cataloging them.  The flower walk was well received too as were the scything demonstrations.  There was an interesting collection of fossils, stone age tools and clay pipes all found locally.  And under a canopy, there was interactive storytelling to a very young audience.

More details and pictures will be put up soon.   A big thank you to everyone who came along for the Family Picnic, you made our efforts worthwhile!


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