Orchard Tree Damage

The CVCG has recently been made aware of damage being done to apple trees in the Orchard.  This is usually in the form of chewed bark from ground level up to about 0.5 metres:

20160508_123413 (1)_web

Example tree damage in Clara Vale orchard

We believe this may be caused by Muntjac deer. There is not a lot that can be done to discourage them, except for protecting the trees from ground level up to about 2′ (0.6m). Some residents have used wire or plastic netting to protect their trees:

Why not pop down to the orchard soon and check your tree if you have one? The orchard is just coming into blossom and soon will be very photogenic. On a sunny day its a very nice and peaceful spot to have a picnic or just take some time out.

You can find out more about Muntjac deer by visiting the BBC Wildlife page here

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