Don’t forget the Woodland Hide

With the Nature Reserve and particularly the bird sanctuary becoming more popular, the Alex West hide in particular can be busy at times. The Committee are aware that sometimes visitors can be a little put off by large numbers of other people and equipment in there. A poster has been put up in the hide to encourage visitors to share the best positions at busy times.

But, don’t forget the Woodland hide. The outlook does not get as much light as the Alex West hide and therefore it is less popular with photographers, yet it offers close-up views of many birds found at the Alex West hide (Kingfishers apart).

Here’s a list of recent sightings from the Woodland hide, situated to the left of the playing field gate:

Blue tit
Great tit
Marsh tit
Long tailed tit
Female black cap
Greater spotted woodpecker
Stock dove
Wood pigeon
Yellow hammer
Tree sparrow
Grey squirrel

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